Classic Muscle Car Restoration

Muscle cars continue to grow in popularity largely because they were a huge part of the baby boomer experience, but virtually every generation can appreciate the power, sound and visceral image of a Vitamin C orange 426 Hemi-powered Plymouth Superbird. Unlike some collectables, muscle cars are fun to own and drive.

At Hot Rod Avenue we specialize in date-coded, number-matching muscle cars accurately restored to the highest standards. Vehicles restored by Hot Rod Avenue are being proudly displayed at club and concourse events at the national level. Don’t trust your muscle car restoration project to a shop that doesn’t have the experience, expertise and track record of Hot Rod Avenue.

Hot Rod Avenue has experience with all makes and models of muscle cars. No project is too big or small – from a complete frame-off restoration to a concourse-winning paint job, the skilled staff at Hot Rod Avenue will get the job done in a timely manner. Part of the Hot Rod Avenue‘s quotation process includes a build schedule and regular blogs on its website so that you can track your vehicle’s progress, no matter where you are.

Partial Car Restoration of your Vintage American or European Classic

Even if you’re not ready to start your next project, or if you have some questions, give us a call.  A partial restoration is an excellent approach for customers who heavily drive their vehicles but do not participate in automobile shows. This restoration process involves a variety of options:

  • Restore body work and paint
  • Refresh but not completely redo the interior
  • Upgrade the mechanical system while restoring the existing system
  • Upgrade and restore the electrical, cooling and fuel delivery systems
  • Restore existing brake, steering and suspension systems with some upgrades made to drivability
  • Rebuild or replace the motor and drivetrain
  • Replace the engine with a crate motor
  • Upgrade the transmission and gearing for a more modern drive experience


There are a variety of approaches available for your vehicle’s mechanical restoration… everything from a simple tune up to full mechanical upgrades. We provide concise estimates, and our quality assurance process lets our customers know that we will exceed their restoration expectations. In addition, the same technician that completes the mechanical work provides continuity from the very beginning of the process and assists in the development of the labor and parts estimate.

Our mechanical services include:

  • Full mechanical restoration of stock systems.
  • Complete system upgrades.
  • Stock mechanical system upgrades (i.e. suspension and brake systems).
  • Engine swaps (such as rebuilds or crate engine installations).
  • Fuel system restorations (includes fuel tank cleaning or relining).
  • Tune ups and engine calibration.
  • Transmission rebuilds and upgrades.
  • Electrical system restoration or troubleshooting.
  • Complete A/C system installation.
  • Air ride system installation.

Custom Body Repair and Fabrication

The most critical stage for the custom paint job application is the preparation of the vehicle’s body.  This phase must be planned and finished properly in order to achieve excellence.  It makes all the difference in our ability to provide the best restoration available in the industry today.

Hot Rod Avenue creates concise body work estimates while utilizing the most reliable sources for all needed parts and materials.  Our unique quality assurance process enables us to meet your expectations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our detailed process involves:

  • The vehicle is disassembled, and the parts are inspected and stored.
  • The vehicle frame is inspected to determine the extent of repair required for proper body panel fit.
  • We carefully remove the vehicle’s paint and old body work manually or with our in-house media blaster to avoid causing additional damage during this process.
  • The vehicle is etch primed to protect the bare steel.
  • Rust is repaired and dents are removed from the body.
  • Floors are repaired or replaced as needed.
  • The vehicle is primed and then finished.
  • All panels are test fitted and adjusted.
  • The vehicle is inspected and sent to our paint department.

Our estimators also provide collision damage repair estimates to handle all required repairs and parts replacements.  We work directly with your insurance adjuster to keep your experience as stress-free as possible.


Quality Interior Restoration Services

Hot Rod Avenue provides a wide array of interior services to our customers. We can design, fabricate and install the material you need for your interior and convertible top needs.

Hot Rod Avenue upholstery services include:

  • Full interior restoration: stock, mild custom or full custom
  • Seat restoration or recover
  • Custom seat covers
  • Headliner replacement
  • Center console restoration or replacement
  • Custom consoles
  • Sound system installation
  • Trunk compartment finish
  • Interior painting or dying
  • Carpet replacement
  • Dash restoration
  • Convertible top replacement
  • Convertible top rear window replacement
  • Convertible top frame restoration